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Enterprise Addressing System

The Enterprise Addressing System (EAS) is a web-based application for storing street addresses in a city. Street addresses are linked to a city's assessor parcel fabric and street network, and validated geospatially. Government employees across different agencies can add, query, update, and retire street addresses in one centralized system. EAS enables more accurate and efficient permitting, tax assessments, enhanced city construction and redevelopment planning as well as saving the city substantial expense through reduction in errors and duplication.

EAS is an open source project -- see http://code.google.com/p/eas.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j-GwcoIE9g&feature=player_embedded

EAS is currently in production at City and County of San Francisco.

Farallon Geographics can provide assistance to cities looking to implement EAS based on the EAS framework.

Key features 
Both role-based security and a review process, ensuring that the properties’ changes are accurately recorded
Easy to understand map-based view of the APNs associated with street addresses, and can be merged with other city data such as street center line or district
Manage over 400,000 address records
Compatible with ESRI, Open Source GIS, Google, Bing & other spatial data viewing applications

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