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Landmarks: New York

"Landmarks: New York" focuses on locally-designated city landmarks in New York. Local landmarks are so interesting and capture the flavor of a city's architectural history so well. But no mobile apps focus solely on locating these landmarks and providing detailed information about them.

In New York, for example, there are more than 1,300 local landmarks, so almost every neighborhood contains one. But you might be surprised by the sites that are landmarked. It's not just the Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty. It's the street layout of lower Manhattan, wood frame houses, public schools, churches and synagogues, police precincts, even a tree!

Landmarks are such an important part of the urban experience, whether you live in the city or you're just visiting. My goal is to make it easy for tourists, tour guides, architects, historic preservationists, urban planners, realtors, renters & homebuyers, and others who want to explore the historic architecture of New York and other major cities to find and learn about these landmarks on the go or when planning their trip.

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