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We are working to build the most complete and up-to-date database of government and civic software -- both the apps themselves and where theyre used. You can help by adding a new app or by link an app to an agency/organization that has used it.

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Apache (2) BSD (8) GPL (46)
MIT (6) Proprietary (28)

Most Widely Used

Hassle free consultation and engagement software
Legislation & Governance used in 2 places updated March 2, 2012
Network security analysis, validation and monitoring tools, packaged together with web-...
Data Harvesting used in 2 places updated September 12, 2012
Social media and website archiving for government
Administration used in 2 places updated March 17, 2013
Pairwise crowd sourced surveys to evaluate places for urban planning projects.
Planning & Development used in 2 places updated May 29, 2012
Open311 GeoReport v2+ Constituent Reporting iPhone App
Citizen Services & 311 used in 2 places updated June 13, 2013


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