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Engagement, Applications

Neighborland is a new way to make your neighborhood better.
Application used in 2 places updated 5/06/12
A web-based community collaboration and decision-making tool.
Application used in 92 places updated 4/28/13
A real time mobile civic engagement platform
Application used in 36 places updated 10/03/13
A simple platform for collecting citizen feedback via text message.
Application used in 6 places updated 10/12/12
Cloud-based Online Civic Engagement for Governments
Application used in 30 places updated 3/11/13
A location-based consultation platform
Application used in 30 places updated 11/12/13
mobile phone and web tool for citizen reporting
Application used in 25 places updated 11/16/12
Free server-based software for "wiki" creation.
Application used in 1 place updated 4/27/12
An online marketplace for idea-sharing and turning those ideas into community projects
Application used in 3 places updated 5/25/12
A mobile app platform built for all government agencies and departments
Application used in 9 places updated 3/22/12