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Social Media

Social Media, Applications

A web-based community collaboration and decision-making tool.
Application used in 92 places updated 4/28/13
vBulletin does content publishing, search, security, and more
Application updated 5/03/12
YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.
Application updated 11/05/12
An online marketplace for idea-sharing and turning those ideas into community projects
Application used in 3 places updated 5/25/12
An online app that pairs coworkers on lunch dates
Application updated 12/20/11
Crowd-sourcing platform for producing and identifying good ideas.
Application used in 4 places updated 1/09/13
CommonPlace helps you share and connect with your neighbors.
Application used in 1 place updated 4/25/12
EngagingPlans enables planners to launch and maintain interactive, place-based public involvement websites for gathering stakeholder feedback and sharing updates to the community.
Application used in 5 places updated 4/28/13
The Redistricting Game is designed to educate, engage, and empower citizens around the issue of political redistricting.
Application updated 3/15/12
Geospatial Data, Maps and Visualization
Application used in 1 place updated 2/09/12